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  • This is a roller window. After you enter your name or throw some dice, a link is displayed beside your name. Send that link to anyone you want to see your throws. Likewise, they can send you their link to let you see their dice.
  • Roller should be pretty easy to use. Select amount and type of dice to be rolled, then roll. Clicking any die in the pool makes it selected, and clicking any selected die moves it back to the free pool.
  • You can have several view windows open, and need to arrange them for best fit on your screen.
  • Rollers are tied to browser sessions, which means that if you need another roller, you need to open a new instance of Internet Explorer, not just a new window.
  • This is mainly a Dogs in the Vineyard roller, even down to the font used on the numbers on the dice. Versions for other dice-intensive games should be easy to create, if you need one.
  • Comments, enhancement suggestions? Send a private message to Mikael on the Forge. If you have the artistry and tools to make web pages look nice, your help would obviously be appreciated here.